We’re looking forward to spending time at home this weekend, because over the past 6 weeks we’ve been away every single weekend and living in our caravan.  During this time we've had just a few days home during the week to catch up with mail order etc.  While we do like to go away, it has been a bit too hectic at times, and we only have a small caravan!

Our vintage Eriba caravan, home from home.  Another week another field! 

Our dogs came too!  Rudy (Labrador) & Jess (Whippet). 


The first event out of the 6 that we were away for was the War and Peace Revival, in Kent .  We were trading there for the first time in a number of years, and there for almost a week.  

One of our neighbours at the War & Peace event was Freddies of Pinewood.  
Both wearing Freddies of Pinewood dungarees & shoes by Rocket Originals.


The next event after that was the 
Hot Rod Hayride, and the only one we weren’t actually trading at out of all 6 events.  We’ve been to almost every one of the ‘Hayride’ weekenders, only missing 2.  We don’t trade there because we occasionally go there in our Model A (not very good for taking lots of stock in!)

Above - setting up camp at the Hayride - a great weekend spent with friends and not trading.

The Soap Box Derby, with Layla from Rocket Originals taking part.


For the 3rd event we ventured further up North to Co Durham to the Rock Ridge Rumble, This is now in
its 4th year, and we’ve been to every one of them. Here's the flyer from this year's event:


The 4th event (and one we’ve traded at since it began) was the Hillbilly Hoedown, which this year took place at the Newark Showground in
Nottinghamshire.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, the music and bands were great and we’ll definitely be going next year!


Above, the crowd watching the fantastic Muddy Hill Boys


We were trading at the Atomic Festival a few days later, at the fantastic art deco setting of Sywell Aerodrome in Northants.  

It really is a weekend of non-stop action and fun:

FREE ROCK’N’ROLLER RINK Skate to the sound of 50s rock’n’roll. Skates provided.



The 6th and last weekend we were at was the Twinwood Festival. We’ve been trading there for 9 years now.  As with some other years, this was sold out with more people there than ever. 

Bookings are already underway for next year, check it out at:

So, that’s the 6 weeks’ events gone and done!  We’ll hopefully see some of you at a few of these next year. In the meantime we have a few weeks before our next event in which we’ll be catching up with stock taking, lots of paperwork, 
new stock that’s just arrived (and lots more due soon), constantly updating the website and social media and all the other tasks that we don’t have enough hours in the days for!