Seeing as it's Easter weekend, here's something appropriate.

There's some great photos of Hollywood stars of the 1940's and 50's at Easter; it seems they almost all had a publicity shoot with rabbits or eggs at some point!  Here's just a few of our favourites:

The first 3, the fabulous Ann Miller:

Debbie Reynolds                     Mitzi Gaynor                                Mitzi Gaynor          

 Audrey Hepburn                       Jane Wyman                             Cleo Moore

Jean Arthur                                  Felicia Farr                                 Dorothy Hart

MaryTyler Moore                       Vera Allen                             Pier Angeli

Doris Day                                    Shirley MacLaine                     Susan Hayward

Elke Sommer                          Lynn Merrick                               Jane Greer

Gloria DeHaven                       Adele Jergens                          Shirley Temple

The only man of the bunch, here's someone you don't see very often in a rabbit suit -
John Wayne!