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Giving our Shoes a Name

1 Comment30 September 2018  |  Admin

We decided to do a bit of a blog about naming our own brand ladies shoes.

We obviously had to call our shoe styles something in order to distinguish one from the other, so rather than just use a code most of our ladies shoes are named after stars of the 1940’s and 50’s, as all the styles are from those eras. We started this back in 2006 when we called our very first style ‘Ava’. We're never short of ideas, but sometimes, when having a new style coming out we have a ‘name that shoe style’ giveaway competition, and a few have been chosen that way.

So here goes, there’s loads to choose from, but below are just a few of our shoe styles we’ve had over the years, with the name and style of shoes (as well as the colours they were available in), and the lovely ladies they were named after:


'Ava' style, Ava Gardner (made in brown/camel & black/grey) 



'Betty' style named after Betty Grable (made in white, black, green) 



'Billie' style named after Billie Whitelaw (made in two tone burgundy, green, blue)



'Carmen' style named after Carmen Miranda (made in black, brown, green, red, grey) 



'Dorothy' style named after Dorothy Lamour  (made in 3 shades of yellow, green, brown) 



'Esther' style named after Esther Williams
(made in red/blue, black/grey, grey/burgundy, green/cream & black/pink)  



'Georgia' style named after Georgia Gibbs (made in red/cream leather)  



'Ida' style named after Ida Lupino (made in white, cream, blue, red, green & black)

    Image result for ida lupino


'Judy' style named after Judy Garland (made in cream, red, green, brown)  



'Lana' style named after Lana Turner(made in blue/white as shown)  



'Olivia' style named after Olivia de Havilland  (made in red, white, black, brown)  

   Image result for olivia de havilland


'Rita' style named after Rita Hayworth (made in two-tone red, green, blue)    



'Sophia' style named after Sophia Loren  (made in white, red, blue, black) 



'Trudy' style named after Trudy Marshall (made in blue/white & red/white) 



'Veronica' style named after Veronica Lake (made in black, white, red)



'Wanda' style named after Wanda Jackson (made in red/green/yellow & blue/turquoise/white)   



So, if you have any of the Rocket Originals' shoe styles shown above you'll know who they're named after.  This is just a small amount that we've had over the years (there's been well over 30 different styles so far), and as they're all limited edition a lot of them have sold out now.  


Thanks for checking in on our blog, 

The Rocketeers  laugh


If you have any queries about any of the styles featured in this blog please email us at:


Boo Punter
27 July 2023  |  19:49

Hi, just seen this. Any chance you could do a catalogue.

Would love to be able to name all my shoes.

Some came without boxes.

Thank you 🌸